What: Advanced Barista Training For professional baristas / aspiring professionals, by WBC Judge & Trainer Saxon Wright.

When / Price:
2Hour Class: Wednesday, 30th June 7-9pm. HK$750
4Hour Class: Saturday, 3rd July 9am-1pm. HK$1,500
(Payment required for RSVP)


Oscar’s Espresso Bar
85-89 Wellington Street, Central
Hong Kong
(852) 3486 4986

Rare opportunity to meet the WBC Judge in real person. This course is tailor made for cafe owners, professional baristas and aspiring coffee lovers who has basic knowledge on coffee making. This course is to enhance professional skills and techniques, getting you immersed into the high quality specialty coffee. Helping you to push the boundaries with excellent coffee.

This 4-hour class includes…

Advanced Barista Techniques:

  • palate development;
  • the science of taste;
  • advanced barista tools and techniques;
  • espresso evaluation techniques;
  • extraction science.

Specialty Coffee focus training:

  • What it is, why pay for it;
  • Tasting high end coffee & different brewing platforms;
  • Consumer applications – sales application.
  • espresso evaluation techniques;
  • extraction science.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 15 people in a class, ensuring everyone of you will enjoy quality time with our knowledgeable WBC Judge. Certificates will be provided on completion of the course.

Saxon Wright’s Bio

Saxon began working in the coffee industry back in 1993 at the Danbrew (now Danes) roastery. He spent the next four years assisting in roasting, blending and packing. After completing a science degree, Saxon spent the next few years working as a barista and consultant. During this time, he helped open and establish several successful café’s. After a brief distraction in corporate finance, he refocused on coffee, and in late 2003 Saxon co-founded Australian Independent Roasters, a specialty coffee roasting business offering custom private label roasting.

Saxon judged his first national barista competition in 2005 after judging several regional and state competitions. After serving as head judge of the Australian Barista Championship, he was most recently certified as a World Barista Championship judge and judged in Atlanta USA, in April 2009.

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