Class 1 – Thurs 1st July 2010, 7-9 PM
Class 2 – Friday 2nd July 2010, 7-9 PM

Price: HK$ 400/person (To confirm a seat, you are required to PAY BEFORE EVENT.)

Oscar’s Espresso Bar
85-89 Wellington Street, Central
Hong Kong


Now you have an opportunity to meet Saxon Wright, the World Barista Champion Judge, and learn how to appreciate coffee.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 15 people on this small group Coffee Appreciation class, ensuring everyone of you will enjoy quality time with our knowledgeable WBC Judge. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a novice, this 2-hour Coffee Appreciation class promises to be fun and entertaining.

Session 1: coffee history, bean science, where its all grown, processing and explaining ‘specialty coffee’. Ie how it gets from the tree to the cup. We would then do a traditional cupping showing people how we taste at the factory in assessing coffees. What ‘quality’ means when talking about coffee as beans.

Session 2: the concept of roasting, blending and quality control. What the outcomes of roasting is. Where do the flavors come from? How do we assess flavors. This would be the palate awakening exercises.

Session 3: go through all the different brewing methods for home (plunger, aero press, stove top, otto, syphon, espresso), grinding at home, storage, ‘fresh coffee’ debate, best coffees for each purpose etc. Go through how to brew each one to get the best and then let people try the different methods so they can taste all the options, and what effects different methods have

Session 4: ethical debates in coffee: fair trade/ RFA/ utz/ direct trade. How does the pricing structure work, where does the money go, what is the ‘value’ chain, environmental sustainability, organic coffee. How can you judge your coffee in a café, how does coffee get judged in competitions, judging at the world barista championships. We’ll get a barista to make a few different coffees and get people to review them.

Certificates will be provided on completion of the course.

Saxon Wright’s Bio

Saxon Wright

Saxon began working in the coffee industry back in 1993 at the Danbrew (now Danes) roastery. He spent the next four years assisting in roasting, blending and packing. After completing a science degree, Saxon spent the next few years working as a barista and consultant. During this time, he helped open and establish several successful café’s. After a brief distraction in corporate finance, he refocused on coffee, and in late 2003 Saxon co-founded Australian Independent Roasters, a specialty coffee roasting business offering custom private label roasting.

Saxon judged his first national barista competition in 2005 after judging several regional and state competitions. After serving as head judge of the Australian Barista Championship, he was most recently certified as a World Barista Championship judge and judged in Atlanta USA, in April 2009.


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