We are very excited to announce the LAUNCH of ‘Mypressi TWIST™’ in Hong Kong.

As mentioned in an earlier notice, Coffee DeAmour is the exclusive distributor of ‘Mypressi TWIST™’ in Hong Kong.

‘Mypressi TWIST’ is truly a portable espresso unit brilliant in design and very easy to use producing exceptional espresso that rivals traditional espresso machines. Because of it’s unparalleled performance in terms of convenience and portability, Mypressi TWIST was awarded in 2009/2010 ‘Best Product Award’ from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

Based on this Mypressi TWIST is selling now like hot cakes in the USA, Taiwan and many other parts of the world, to ensure Hong Kong Coffee Lovers can also enjoy Mypressi TWIST, as the exclusive distributor we’re seeking expressions of interest from parties who’d like to become a reseller in Hong Kong for the Hong Kong market.

We have one reseller already appointed in East Kowloon and we’ve already received applications from some areas in Hong Kong but we need more and hence we’d like to hear from you if you’re interested

The criteria for becoming a reseller is:

* Be able to demonstrate Mypressi TWIST to customers
* Be able to stock minimum amounts of Mypressi to ensure customers can get their Mypressi TWIST quickly
* Have the ability to support Mypressi TWIST from a customer service perspective within a pre-defined and agreed area in Hong Kong.
* Must be a Coffee Lover.

For more information about Mypressi the product please visit http://mypressi.com/

For information about becoming a reseller of ‘Mypressi TWIST’ in Hong Kong, please shoot me a message so I can arrange to come see you!

Thank you very much.

Virginia Tam
Coffee DeAmour