15 passionate coffee lovers gathered in San Po Kong on sunny Sunday afternoon today. Despite the fact that many gweilo (westerners living in Hong Kong) considered the location as “the dark side”, San Po Kong was filled with love, joy, happy smiles, and delicous fragrant. Danes, tried out different ways of making coffee (filter, plunger, espresso, mypressi TWIST, etc.), making new friends, and tasted the delicious jam from Madagascar.

See what the participants said about the event:


“great event! interesting workshop that allows you to taste coffee brewed in different ways under 1 roof!”

Patrick William

“A great afternoon with great coffee, unbelievably great jam and in the company of a really nice group! “


“The gathering is amazing. Full of fun and great to know many interesting coffee lovers. MyPressi TWIST is also amazing. This protable coffee machine can make such a good coffee as a big one does!!!!”


“Virginia and craig are awesome hosts. love the mypressi coffee maker!”