Date: 2010-06-26 (SAT)
Time: 2:30 – 5:00 pm
Place: Cafe Zambra, G/F, 239 Jaffe Road, Wanchai
Fee: HKD 110 per person

Coffee accompanies us through thick and thin. It helps us battle through tough deadlines and freshens our minds in our preparation of examinations. Imagine, is there anything better than sipping your aromatic coffee while immersing yourself in a completely different world by reading your favourite novel? What can warm your hands better than a hot cup of coffee on winter mornings? Yet how well do you know about this dear friend of ours? In the coming event the MSAA offers you a unique coffee tasting journey across different continents, while at the same time, learn more about Integrated Organic Farming and Fair Trading.

The MSAA is pleased to work with Bolaven Farms, who is committed to sustainable and high quality production of coffee in southern Laos, to provide you with a leisurely while informative weekend. This event includes the following:

  • Understanding the characteristics of different coffees and tasting of coffees from different producing areas including Laos, Brazil, Indonesia and Ethiopia
  • Introducing different coffee beans and different coffee making methods
  • Explaining Integrated Organic Farming methods
  • Discovering what Fair Trade economics is
  • Souvenirs to remember this event
  • Light refreshments

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