If you want some of the richest coffee you can get, a French Press (also called plunger) can deliver better than filter. It’s everywhere, easy to use. If you get the right tools and prepare everything correctly, you can also get a relatively clean brew from it.

To make a good coffee from your French Press, first of all you need a good grinder. Never ever choose blade grinder, or even the cheaper burr grinders like Pavoni PA or Braun KM30, they are all crap. Blade grinders are just pretending to be grinders, the fact is that they are not.

Grounds Size

With a French Press, particle size of the grounds is as important as it is for espresso. All the particles must be consistent, perfectly large size without dust. The only difference is you want big size particles for French Press while tiny particles for espresso. Nylon filters can handle medium grind, while metal filters need a true coarse grind. Also, the finer the grind, the harder to press. Cheap grinders can’t give you quality. It can only produce a bag of mixed big and small chunks.

Don’t skimp on your grinder. A quality grinder from the Bodum Antigua, up to the Solis Maestro Plus and beyond will give you the best possible extraction from your coffee, and a fairly clean cup.