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MAHLKÖNIG grinder ProM

by on 12/07/2010

The MAHLKÖNIG grinder ProM was launched in autumn 2009 by the Hamburg based manufacturer, It was honored with an outstanding design award by the Red Dot product design 2010 Award, where designers and companies from 57 nations with 4,252 products altogether entered the challenge.

The distinguished design of the ProM All round grinder was developed by Carsten Gollnick, who also created the espresso grinder K30 ES for MAHLKÖNIG (red dot design prize in 2005).

It’s very small, fast and intriguing. As small as a K30 Vario. Not as fast as K30 or Robur, but fast enough IMO. It comes with stylish magnet mounts. The burrs have no screw holes. They are magnetically attached and therefore the grinder is designed not to be disassemble by the user. Quick and easy grind adjustment allowing you to transit from espresso use to grinding into the container. The timer is disabled when you run out of beans. There is a flappy silicon part in the chute to prevent clumping.

Red led lights up and/or blinks to show the status of the grinder (on/off, single shot, double shot, out of coffee). Initial reviews and impressions are very positive. Coffee De Amour will follows with more in-the-cup reports. If you want to stop your bigger and noisier grinder, this may be a good choice.

MAHLKÖNIG grinders are the official grinder sponsor for both the United States Barista Championships and the World Barista Championships through 2011.

Coffee Lovers, please input your experience and REVIEW THIS PRODUCT!


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  1. User permalink

    I live in Brazil, I have this grinder and I like it. It’s very good. It could be more silent (80dB) and cheaper.

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