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by on 12/10/2010


Hong Kong Barista Association is official launch on 10th October, 2010. If you are barista, you can join the association as member. We hope to see everybody from Hong Kong Coffee industry supporting each other to growth.



  1. 團結香港咖啡師,提高整個行業的水平,務求使整個行業和用家受益
  2. 推廣及鼓勵發展咖啡烘焙, 咖啡師之教育及培訓 (包括沖煮, 烘焙及杯測)
  3. 增強公眾對咖啡師專業資格之注意程度, 並推廣香港咖啡文化
  4. 釐訂專業資格, 設立行內專業守則, 使僱主清楚了解對香港咖啡師協會會員之期望
  5. 為香港咖啡師提供一個資料庫,方便他們快速有效地閱讀有關知識
  6. 為香港咖啡師提供一個良好的溝通平台,設立資訊網絡,舉行各類型之講座及活動, 使會與會員之間能交流最新之訊息
  7. 促進本港及國際間之咖啡師, 供應商及公眾之間的意念及資料交流, 並關注各方需要.
  8. 促進本港及國際間同類機構之合作及發展

Hong Kong Barista Association aims to:

  1. Coordinate with the Barista in Hong Kong, to perform industry teamwork and raise the expertise level of the labouring which benefits the industry and end-users in return.
  2. Promote and encourage the development of education in coffee roasting and barista training. (Includes brewing, roasting and cupping)
  3. Reinforce the expertise image of barista to the general public and promote Hong Kong Coffee Culture.
  4. Establish professional qualification, Set industry’s professional benchmark that manages the expectation of employers and end-users to our members.
  5. Provide a data library for barista to search for the most updated news and information with effective and efficient manners.
  6. Path a positive communication platform with informative networks and periodontal activities, i.e. seminars and talks, which assist members to exchange the latest information within the industry.
  7. Connect Hong Kong barista to the world’s barista industry, suppliers and consumers. Encourage exchange of ideas and opinion, and aware of what is happening in the world’s industry.
  8. Promotes the link between the Hong Kong coffee industry to the worlds’ corporations and development.
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