text & photos by Bob Lam

The new coffee place in Causeway Bay with breath taking view from 21st Floor of Radio City building looking toward Hysan Place. Should be great view at night and the coffee shop closed at 9:30pm weekday and 8:30pm weekend and holiday!

Sell coffee, coffee bean, grinder and accessories

One good thing about this place is that you can try all the bean they have first, then decide which bean you want to place the order as they sell the coffee bean roast to order. Then pick it up later. This kicked up a notch from what Fresh left but the problem is that Reeve can’t roast on site so it will take some time for you to get the bean after placing the order, unlike Fresh which you can wait 10-30 minutes for the bean, depending on the crowd at the time.


I heard a lot about Reeve Chung and almost have a class with him at Coco Espresso. But that’s a long while back. If you like barista with nice tattoo, you’re in for a good one here.

Looking out from 21st Floor in front of CENG.

Inside the shop. Small but tidy with all the good coffee accessories. Grinder ranging from the good Maestro Plus to Virtuoso and the cute Bodum. This Bodum is the new old stock so the price is good if you like it. Performancewise, I think I will go for Maestro Plus.

Bolivia – Taypiplaya Jatun Kollo Mountain paper drip at CENG by the head honcho Reeves Chung.

One of the few Bolivia I’m ok with. Nice acidity in front and mid with a bit dark toward the back. Paper taste from Kalita paper filter is there but not that bothering on me. Ok cup

The other one I had, no pic, is Papua New Guinea – Baroida Plantation A/X. The best PNG I had so far is from Chester Tam at Pregio and this one is still no match. Lots of grass/herb in front with “Asian’ note, ie earth and a bit funky thing. The real thing starts when the cup cooled down, nice acidity again and the earth is more subdued and subtle… Nice job. This PNG retained the Sumatra quality well. This one was brewed via V60; it has less paper taste in the cu.

Ethiopia Guji – very nice and good brew skill. Lot of Lap Cheung (臘腸/Chinese sausage/กุนเชียงฮ่องกง) and $$$ taste. You should try this off the menu item while it lasts.

I was told Reeves roasts all the bean via sample roaster. He pulled the bean just after first crack. I really like the hand drip a lot. The brewing is nice, not much over or under. The bean can be improved. This is not a bad bean at all, reminding me of 18 Grams. But I’m not a fan of front acidity and dark back from chocolate to dark roast to somewhat dirty. Dark roast fan won’t mind this taste but I’m quite sensitive on these tastes. I can only wonder Reeve brewed light roasted bean from Knockbox Coffee, Rabbithole Coffee Roaster or Fresh Coffee. A heavenly cup… It’s possible!

My first roasted coffee from CENG. I ask for light roasted Central American and got this one, El Salvador Finca La Fancy Bourbon. The bag is only 100g as CENG understands home brewers, some of those only have time on weekend to brew their own coffee vs busy weekday. The smaller package makes the coffee last just enough. In the old day, I would love this kind of package as I’m weekend brewer. Still this is a good thought CENG put in there… Love it!

The coffee bag showed how much care and heart CENG put into his roasted coffee. There’s an introduction on roast coffee which indicates the passion of the owner. There’s a sample of ground coffee to help home brewer on the grind size CENG suggest for hand drip at home. It’s this little touch here and there that makes consumer appreciate how much passion and care this place put in to his coffee.

Only if CENG put the label in front under CENG’s name as I believe the front of the bag is where things/detail should be while the back should be the suggestion, the description of CENG and other things…