Prelude Design Event to Global Sustainability Jam (GSJ) 2013 HK


Nov.16 (Sat.) 2-6pm | HK$100 over a drink (Free for GSJ 2013 HK participants)| At Delaney’s, Wanchai | Sign up

To sustain 7.5 billion people on the planet, we cannot continue to live the way we are living now. We need to radically redesign every aspect of our society within a set of social, ecological and economic constraints. We invite you to come envision such a society. And design your neighbourhood Cafe in such a society through a generative process of participation and conversation. A process for us to collectively deal with complex problems.

We invite you to try figure out together:

> What is sustainability? Why is it important? Or is it?
> What is your role in creating a sustainable future?
> How do we innovate to create that future together?
> Why and how can we envision a sustainable future through designing our neighbourhood cafe?

Everyone is welcome. If you are already joining GSJ 2013, this event will prepare you with a deeper understanding of sustainability, and the collaborative, participatory approach of design thinking to innovate for solutions.

An event by Hong Kong Sustainable Coffee Forum

In support of the Global Sustainability Jam 2013 Hong Kong part of

Global Sustainability Jam

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