Consistency is the mark of excellence for a good barista.

If a customer has come to expect a certain taste, blend or fullness they begin to enjoy anticipating that experience every time they come into your café or espresso bar. It is one of the most important considerations for their return and repeat business is the best business. Repeat customer is a referral source, the base of your financial success.

Good barista follows the same steps in every cup they serve, from roasting to the exact level, the freshness of the bean, grinding and milk frothing. Milk temperature is very important during the frothing, it can’t be too hot or too low. The milk must reach 140°f/60°C in order to be smooth, however, the aftertaste will turn bitter if temperature got over 158°f/70°C.

The most easy and inexpensive way to keep consistency of milk frothing is to use a thermometer.